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Online Yoga and Dance Classes: July 13-17

Happy Hour Yoga: Stretch & Sip

Monday, July 13, 5:30-6 p.m. PST

$6 for one class

$5.50/class when you buy 2 classes

$5.33/class when you buy 3 classes

Unwind with an easy 30 minutes of yoga stretches - including a downward-facing dog or two - to feel more present, relaxed, and in your body. Read more and register here.

Burlesque Basics: Tease Taster

Thursday, July 16, 7:30-8 p.m. PST

$9 per class

$7.50/class when you buy 2 "Tease Taster" classes

$7/class when you buy 3 "Tease Taster" classes

Learn the basic moves of burlesque in a supportive & fun atmosphere that will have you strutting and shimmying. This class will be similar from week to week and is a great warm-up for "Dance It Out." Read more & register for Tease Taster here.

It's recommended that you take the Tease Taster at least one time (if not a few times) before taking Dance It Out, but this isn't required.

Burlesque Basics: Dance It Out

Thursday, July 16, 8:15-8:45 p.m. PST

$9 per class

$7.50/class when you buy 2 "Dance It Out" classes

$7/class when you buy 3 "Dance It Out" classes

In this dance-based class, you'll use the moves learned in "Tease Taster" to form a simple and sultry choreography that will foster gratitude for your beautiful body. CHECK OUT SOME CHOREO HERE! This choreography builds week-to-week, but we'll review everything in each class, so drop-ins are welcomeRead more & register for Dance It Out here.

Note: There won't be any "striptease" element in these classes; they are dance-based classes. Wear anything comfy that makes you feel good. You are welcome to wear shoes, but they aren't required.

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